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Good Health Comes to Those Who Garden

by Marianne Navada

A growing number of studies shows that gardening is linked to longer lifespan and improved life satisfaction, such as the reduction of stress and depression. What some may consider a hobby, gardening or horticultural therapy is meant to address health issues that can arise from the lack of contact with nature, mostly found in people who live in cities. 

But gardening offers indirect health benefits as well.

It’s a form of exercise. It provides a sense of community, especially to those that belong to communal gardens, and it can lead to healthier eating, primarily if growing your own herbs, fruits, and veggies. 

These studies define gardening as growing plants on a plot of land, whether it’s communal gardening or having a backyard, but what about for urban dwellers?

Homeowners and renters alike have found beautiful ways to transform indoor spaces into green oases. Here are a few of our favorites rooms that use plants creatively as part of the decor. Adding greenery is surely an eco-friendly and healthy way to liven up your home.

Indoor Jungles


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