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Vegan or Vegetarian: Simple Facts

by Marianne Navada

Vegan or Plant-Based Diet

No meat of any form (including fish) or animal by-product, such as milk or eggs.

Research has shown that a vegan diet helps with Type 2 Diabetes.

Aside from the health benefits, some people choose a vegan diet for ethical reasons.

Scientist believe that a plant-based diet can reduce our carbon footprint and thus better for the environment.

UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

With more and more westerners adopting a vegan diet, popular dishes now have vegan options. Beyond Meat, for example, produces plant-based meat-like products.

Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage


No meat of any form (including fish), but can eat animal by-products (milk and eggs).

Palitana, India is considered the first vegetarian city. In 2014, the local government prohibited animal slaughter after protests from Jain monks. Jain is a religion in India that believes that all animal life is sacred and thus can’t be consumed. Jains also do not eat plants grown underground such as potatoes, garlic, and onions, to prevent hurting insects. The sale of milk is still allowed in the city.

Indian cuisine is the most vegetarian-friendly food in the world.

Being Vegetarian is considered a gateway to veganism.

In the US, millennials are more likely to be vegetarian or vegan than older generations. Roughly 15% of millennials consider themselves vegan or vegetarian.

Common Misconception

You DO NOT have to follow a raw diet to be vegan.

Yoga and Diet

Given the concept of ahimsa or non-harming, a vegan diet is one that is most consistent with yoga philosophy.

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