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Craving Happiness? A Happiness Kit Might Just Be What You’re Looking For

by Marianne Navada

A happiness kit is just like a first aid kit, but for moments when you’re feeling down. It has the tools you need to get yourself out of the dark when you’re feeling sad, depressed, low energy, or unmotivated. Unlike a first aid kit, however, it’s not something you can easily buy. It’s something you build yourself, and that’s part of the challenge and the fun.

Keeping a happiness kit means that you’re willing to do the work to have more happy days ahead. Is this you?

The philosophy behind the happiness kit is that feeling sad is a part of our emotional spectrum. We attempt to understand when and what triggers it and find ways to get out of it when we are ready to. Or you can think of it this way: emotions are not permanent, but we can try to summon or dissolve them.

Building a happiness kit is a process. You build up on it over time as you get to know yourself more and as you evolve. Yes, it goes without saying that since we, as people, change, our happiness kit changes with us.

Building a happiness kit means taking low emotional points in our lives and turning them to opportunities for self-reflection and improvement. Each low point makes us better at dealing with future moments of sadness. It’s like getting a Master’s Degree on yourself.

What a Happiness Kit Is Not

Having a happiness kit doesn’t mean you’ll be happy 100% of the time. Developing a happiness kit holds the promise that the amount of time you spend feeling happy will eventually grow.

A happiness kit is not one-size fits all. It’s a kit tailored FOR YOU and BY YOU.

Although having the ability to bounce back from sadness quickly is well and good, that’s not the main goal of a happiness kit. Each point of sadness in our lives has different levels of deepness. We don’t measure how “well” we recover from sadness based on time. Success depends on how well we learn from low moments.

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