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Feeling Unmotivated While In Quarantine? This WWII Story Will Inspire You

by Marianne Navada

If you can’t muster up the motivation to start a project while isolating at home, John Edmund Kerrich’s story should inspire you.

Held captive in a Nazi concentration camp in Denmark during WWII, Kerrich, a mathematician, started an experiment on probability. He tossed a coin tens of thousands of times and recorded whether or not the coin lands heads or tails. Considered a seminal work in probability and statistics, we continue to benefit from his work. Even now, as we prepare to open the world, we use statistical models to understand how the Coronavirus will impact us over time.

With every tragedy there are sure to be inspiring stories. Currently, we hear about the bravery of first-responders, the tireless dedication of scientists formulating a vaccine and working on a cure. On social media, artists share their work with the hashtag #isolationcreation to show that we can take on creative endeavors even if the world feels like it has turned upside down.

Avi Schiffman, a 17-year old from Washington state, created and maintains one of the most popular coronavirus tracker website which generates more than 30 million visitors daily.

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But what about a few months from now, or years? Which story will we revel in?

Heroic stories are not just the immediate ones we hear about currently. There are promising ideas that may have already started, but still a work in progress.

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A few startups that emerged during a time of crisis: Uber, IBM, and General Motors, just to name a few.

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