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Your Pinkies Are More Important Than You Probably Think

by Marianne Navada

Typing, turning the door knob, holding those weights during a workout, lifting a cup of coffee in the morning–it all seems mundane, but our fingers and hands are such a critical part of our daily life. They do so much and are so reliable for the most part, that we take them for granted.

In particular, the little finger is one most often overlooked. The pinkie finger is critical for grip strength. In one study conducted by the University of Western Ontario, losing the pinkie decreased grip strength by 33%. While losing the ring finger decreased grip strength by 21%. Together, losing the little and ring finger decreased overall grip strength between 34% to 67%.

Sometimes people think “Well the little finger, that’s pretty useless, that doesn’t do anything.” And that’s actually not true. The little finger is very important in a strong grip.

Dr. Paksima | Orthopedic, Hand and Wrist Surgeon at NYU | Quote source: ESPN

What Does this Information Mean?

This is a reminder to take care of your body, head to toe, including every small body part that might seem insignificant. Give your fingers, hands, and wrists a break. Stop and pause when you feel any pain in your hands. Thank your fingers and hands for all that they do for you and keep in mind that it’s not just the typing and texting that make our fingers critical for daily life. It’s the little things, such as being able to lift that cup of coffee in the morning and feeling the warmth in your hands.

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