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AirPods Pro and My At-Home Yoga Practice

by Marianne Navada

Let me start by saying that I used to stay away from tech during my practice. When I practice in a yoga studio, I make sure my phone is either in the locker room or inside my bag. But two things made me less weary about using tech while trying to disconnect: yoga apps such as alomoves and the Apple Watch.

Are They a Distraction and Do They Fall?

I’m leading with the popular questions: were the AirPods Pro distracting and did they fall during yoga? The answer: no and no. I do a vinyasa flow that usually involves a handstand and other inversions, and never had to adjust them while I’m actively flowing. I sometimes adjust 5 minutes into a practice, for example, when I wear a sweater to practice and have to take it off when it gets too hot. I usually adjust the AirPods after I remove a clothing layer.

When Do I Use Them?

I use the Airpods Pro when I’m free flowing at home. I think it helps me focus compared to listening to music on my phone. I don’t use the AirPods in a yoga studio and have not tried them in a heated yoga class.

How Different Are They from the First AirPods?

The silicone earbuds are a game changer. Compared to the first generation AirPods, these feel snug and you just forget you’re wearing them. You get three size options for the earbuds, and the smallest fit me perfectly. I do know some people have to mix and match (use one size for one ear and a different one for the other), to get the best fit, so don’t be afraid to change up until you get the right size.

I choose not to use the active noise cancellation, but use transparency mode instead. I like to hear my breath.

Music and other gadgets in yoga are always optional. What I love about yoga is that all you really need is yourself (yes, technically, you don’t even need a mat). However, if you are looking for a way to listen to music through headphones, whether it helps you concentrate or can’t have music playing loudly, AirPods Pro work.

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