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Washable and Sustainable Meditation Pillows

by Marianne Navada
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If you’re on the market for round meditation cushions, we narrowed the list to 6 brands that offer washable (outer cover) and eco-friendly choices. You can skip to the list here.

Zafus and Pillows

You’ll find stores referring to round meditation cushions as zafus or just meditation cushions. Although this doesn’t apply to all stores, we find that zafus are usually a bit wider and lower with pleated sides. Remember that is not a rule, so make sure you check dimensions when choosing what to buy.

Square meditation cushions, referred to as zabutons, are placed under the round cushion and can either be purchased separately or as a set. 

The brands we chose offer round/oval cushions that range from 4 – 8 inches in height with the largest at 17 inches in diameter.

What We Looked For: Fill, Cover, Manufacturing, and Pricing

  • Fill: choose kapok or buckwheat, since both are sustainable. Although practitioners traditionally used kapok for pillows in the past, buckwheat has gained more popularity for its sturdiness and contouring quality. It can get a bit too hard for some and in rare occasions, some customers have complained of bugs in their buckwheat pillows. However, we have buckwheat bolsters and pillows at LiFDB and have never come across this issue.
  • Cover material: washable and made of sustainable materials such as organic cotton.
  • Manufacturing: we looked for transparency with manufacturing information.

1. Yoga Matters

Fill: buckwheat

Cover: comes in organic cotton or hemp

What we love: minimalist style, variety, and color schemes

Price: we’re amazed at how comparatively affordable they are given the quality of the materials at $43 USD.

Washable: machine

Our Picks: organic cotton meditation pillow and hemp zafu

Made in India

2. Bennd Yoga

Fill: organic buckwheat

Cover: ethically sourced raw cotton

What we love: grounded in sustainability and ethics, Bennd Yoga offers transparency in its manufacturing process. All products on the site are chemical-free, infused with Ayurvedic herbs and plants. They look like pieces of art.

Price: $140 USD

Our Pick: currently, the brand offers only one type of round cushion in two colors, and we’re not complaining. We adore the cushion from their Sappan Wood Collection.

Washable: hand-wash

Artisan-crafted in India

Bennd Yoga meditation pillow | Image: @mikiash

3. Dharma Crafts

Fill: buckwheat

Cover: certified, 100% organic cotton duck in natural. Note that some cushions are not organic cotton.

Price: $89 USD

What we love: Lots of variety with prints and styles. We chose the eco-natural hi-zafu for its features and dimensions, so make sure to check out specifications if you choose other products

Our Pick: Deluxe Zafu Meditation Cushion in Eco-natural

Washable: machine

Handcrafted in New England, USA

Dharma Craft Meditation Pillow

4. Brentwood Home

Fill: buckwheat and oval shaped.

Cover: cotton, polyester, spandex blend. Although the cover has synthetic materials, the brand manufactures their products in a GOTS & GOLS certified factory in LA, which safeguards workers and prohibits the use of harmful chemicals.

Price: $59 USD

What we love: elegant design and details, designed by renowned yoga teacher Angela Kukhahn.

Our Pick: they currently offer one type, Crystal Cove meditation pillow.

Washable: machine

Brentwood home meditation pillow
Crystal Cove Meditation Pillow

5. Sage Meditation

Fill: buckwheat or kapok

Cover: cotton, only the deluxe version comes with washable cover.

Price: $59.99 – $69.99 USD

What we love: Sage meditation offers flexibility in terms of fill.

Our Pick: black zafu

Washable: machine-wash

Sage Meditation Zafu in black

On Manufacturing

Nearly all of our cushions and mats are cut, sewn, and stuffed right here in the U.S.A.

Some of our cushions, mats, and bolsters are pre-sewn in India. We work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that our high quality standards are met or exceeded. We also work with them to ensure that their employees are treated fairly, paid an above-average wage, and that no employees are children or exploited in any way.

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