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Yoga Accessories Made of Mushrooms by Lululemon

by Marianne Navada
Lululemon mushroom mylo

Cover image source: Mylo

Lululemon just revealed its first yoga accessories collection made of Mylo-unleather, a renewable and vegan material made of mushrooms. The collection includes a meditation and yoga mat bag, duffel bag, and a concept yoga mat. 

The collection points to Lululemon’s sustainability efforts, which has committed to using at least 75% sustainable materials by 2025.

Aside from Lululemon, Mylo also has collaborations with Adidas and Stella McCartney. These collaborations use Mylo to replace traditional leather goods such as shoes. However, what makes the Lululemon collection even more special is the use of Mylo to create a yoga mat. Currently, rubber yoga and polyvinyl chloride foam (PVC) mats dominate the market. The mat “is the first product to use Mylo in its undyed state” and incorporates “woven patterns to compliment the hands and feet.” 

Image source: Mylo

This sustainable update to a brand staple highlights Mylo’s potential to be used in products beyond those which traditionally use animal and synthetic leather.  


Mylo, made from mycelium, “the complex latticework of underground fibers” of mushrooms is a sustainable alternative to animal and synthetic leather. Bolt Threads, a materials solutions company based in California, processes the mycelium. The science-driven company produces products that move away from “petroleum-based polymers, toxic processes, and non-biodegradable materials”. And develops “renewable inputs, green chemistry, and bio based materials”. 

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