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Want to Be Smart About Herbs? Use this Free App

by Marianne Navada
herblist app

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) launched an easy-to-use app dedicated to healing herbs. The science-based app, Herblist™, provides an unbiased summary of research. This information helps when deciding what or when to take herbs as part of your wellness or healing journey.

The database currently has more than 50 herbs. The information includes traditional uses, from Chinese to Indian medicine and the chemical components of the herb. Additionally, the app breakdowns the findings, robustness of the data, and potential side effects. For those who want to explore more, the app provides an extensive list of citations.

Unlike some databases that assign a score or a ranking to simplify decision-making, the HerbList App stays away from assigning a grade, if you will. It empowers you to read the results of the current state of research so you can make an informed decision. 

Analysts expect the global herbal medicine market to reach $550 billion (US) in 2030, valued at $83 billion (US) in 2019. This reflects the growing demand for natural and traditional medicine. Currently, herbal supplements are not regulated by the FDA. All the more reason for us to seek out information less guided by marketing strategy, when it comes to allocating our resources dedicated to our wellness. 

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