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Yoga at Home: Our July Playlist

by Marianne Navada
Yoga at Home Music Playlist

This playlist incorporates pre and post yoga routines when practicing at home. I realized that it helps having a pre-warmup song to ready the room and unroll my mat. I placed the savasana song second to last and the final song is for tidying my yoga space.

I’ve been using this song for two weeks now and I love how it just disappears in the background, but still motivates me.

Honestly, I haven’t had the discipline to practice at home previously, but the current pandemic forced me. I’m quite glad. I free flow, so I don’t follow videos or take online classes*. It feels quiet, free, and I intently listen to my body. I still get inspired by my teachers online and through social media, but I get to pick and choose not only the poses I incorporate, but also the length of my class, and this playlist length is perfect for me.

*I have been practicing yoga since 2001. Make sure to consult a yoga teacher for safety and tips when designing your own practice.

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