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A New Way to Measure Your Age

by Marianne Navada

Researchers at Yale are working on an algorithm to measure our biological age. Compared to our chronological age, which is based on time and one we celebrate annually, your biological or phenotypic age takes into account measures of health and longevity such as your immune system and blood sugar.

When it comes to aging, it is not necessarily how long we have been alive that determines our health and mortality, but a myriad of internal and external factors such as genetics, air quality, diet and exercise, for example.

Knowing our biological age also has its benefits, such as being able to slow down the aging process or even reverse it! It empowers us to take charge of how fast or slow we age, and not rely solely on time to measure how old we are. 

Can Yoga Make You Younger?

In this case, yoga can certainly help in lowering your biological age. So let’s do some yoga, and get younger! 


These yogis are 40 and above when it comes to chronological age. 

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