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How Yoga Makes Us More Grateful

by Marianne Navada

Science shows that we can train ourselves to be more grateful. How can yoga help?

Space and Time to Pause and Observe | Meditate

Yoga is a practice of reflection and slowing down. When we slow down we give ourselves time and space to appreciate things we might take for granted, such as our breath.

Being In the Moment 

An important component of gratitude is being in the moment and yoga is a practice that centers our attention to the present.

Listen Without Judgement

Yoga is an internal conversation with yourself. We listen and feel without judgement. We observe how we react when poses start getting difficult for us, what happens to the ego when we fall, when to back off and when to push.

Giving Thanks to Ourselves

Yoga is a way to show gratitude for our mind and body, by taking time from our schedules to do something that is good for us.


Whether it’s in a yoga studio, an online community or even a home practice, yoga connects us all. You connect to the universe and all that exists. In fact, the recitation of OM represents this all-compassing connection.

Another reason to have a regular yoga practice: train for gratitude.

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